CCEPA presents The Seven Deadly Sins, a seven-part series exploring the personal and collective consequences of our thoughts and actions as we continue to grapple with age old temptations. More in this Series

Part Six: Wrath

Moral Grandstanding and Self-Righteous Anger

7pm, April 26, 2018

O’Regan Hall
Halifax Central Library


Dr. Justin Tosi

Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics, Georgetown University


In Wrath we will talk about why everyone seems so angry all the time. Presenters will help us understand the rise of intolerance, the disappearance of the middle ground in social and political dialogue, moral grandstanding and the emergence of the outrage industry on-line and in the media.

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Justin Tosi and Brandon Warmke (2017) “Moral grandstanding: there’s a lot of it about, all of it bad,” Aeon.

Dr. Justin Tosi’s Acedemic Works

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