Emeritus Board Member Mr.  Justice Jamie W. S. Saunders


Why CCEPA Matters


“By combining creativity, innovation, networking, and serious effort, CCEPA has earned a prominent place in what is fast becoming a national conversation about ethics in public affairs.”



The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs provides an arena for critical thinking, public discussion and research into current ethical challenges in our society. The Centre focuses an ethical lens on everyday issues through public programming, supporting research, and in the provision of tools to facilitate ethical decision making at work. Co-founded by the Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary’s University in 2002, the Centre exists to ignite the examination of the ethical dimensions of everyday life to help us live and work together more effectively.

The purpose of CCEPA is to serve the public of Canada through research, discussion and policy recommendations focusing on ethical issues arising locally and internationally from fundamental change in society. It builds collaboration across disciplines and coalitions with community partners on a project by project basis. 

By offering public programming on the ethical dimensions of a wide range of topics and themes, CCEPA aims to provide an important educational resource and extended venue for learning, discussion, and debate for scholars and public audiences about contemporary issues. CCEPA collaborates with other groups and organizations conducting research on issues with both inherent and explicit ethical considerations and provides an increasingly popular platform to bring knowledge from the academy to a public audience.


Ethics are moral principles that affect how we make decisions and live our lives. The consideration of our personal and professional ethics provides a moral map to help guide us through difficult or complex issues. Whenever we make decisions, or struggle to choose the least flawed option, we are bringing our ethics to life.



CCEPA provides an arena for critical thinking, public discussion and research into current ethical challenges in society.


CCEPA's vision is to be recognized and known for exemplary programs, the results of those efforts, and its truly collaborative approach, to have a national presence and to be financially self-sustaining.


CCEPA promotes the public good through cultivating and disseminating knowledge about ethical issues to help generate new insights, provide greater awareness and heal misunderstandings.