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2016-2017 Lecture Series

2015-2016 Lecture Series

2014-2015 Lecture Series

2013-2014 Lecture Series

2012-2013 Lecture Series

2011-2012 Lecture Series

2010-2011 Lecture Series

  • View the 2010-2011 CCEPA Annual Report
  • Canadian Business Ethics Research Network 2011 Annual Conference
  • Ethics in Business:
    • Corporate Governance - Challenging the Basic Assumptions, Edward J. Waitzer
  • Science and Its Publics
    • Science and the Media: Lost in Translation. Panelists: Dr. David Secko, Dr. Mary Anne White, Pauline Dakin; Moderator: Jay Ingram
    • Frankenstein in the Public Sphere: Science and the Virtue of Sociability in the British Enlightenment. Keynote: Dr. Jan Golinski; Respondent: Monique Morgan
    • Provenance and the Role of the Public Museum: How the Life Stories of Artifacts Challenge Traditional Accounts of Science and History. Keynote: Dr. David Pantalony; Respondents: Robert Bean, Dr. Ted Cavanagh
    • Access Denied: Medicine, Trust, and Experimental Treatments. Keynote: Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman; Panelists: Dr. Kerry Bowman, Dr. Daniel Selchen, Dr. Anthony Lang
    • Facing Uncertainty: Who is Destined for Alzheimer's Disease? Keynote: Dr. Margaret Lock; Edmonton Respondent: Alex Choby; Calgary Respondents: Dr. David Hogan, Dr. Marc Ereshevsky
  • Sex and The Citizen
    • Reinventing the Sexual Contract: Ethical Questions About Sex, Marriage, and Autonomy, Dr. Laurie Shrage
    • Sex Goes to Market: What Would Decriminalized Prostitution Look Like?, Dr. Melissa Ditmore
    • Sex and National Security: Of Purge Campaigns & Fruit Machines, Dr. Gary Kinsman
    • Children's Sexuality: What Are We Afraid Of?, Judith Levine
  • The Annual Lecture in Public Philosophy:
    • Evils & Inexcusable Wrongs, Dr. Claudia Card
  • CCEPA Annual Lecture
    • Fair Play? Ethics in Sport, Mark Tewkesbury
  • Euthanasia in the Netherlands: Medical Practice and Societal Control, Hans Van Delden

2009-2010 Lecture Series

2008-2009 Lecture Series

  • View the 2008-2009 CCEPA Annual Report
  • Trust in Education: 4 Part Series
    • Is our education system doing what it's supposed to?, Paul Cappon
    • Success and Failure in the Global Campaign for Education for All, Sir John Daniel
    • High School Debate, Debaters
    • Quality of Education: What Should We Know etc..., Dr. Bernard Shapiro
  • Just in Time Series
    • Human Rights & Free Speech: Commissions on Media, Krista Daley et al
    • Can We Be Good Without God?, Eric Beresford et al
    • Ethics in the Financial Markets, Greg Grice et al.
    • The Burden of Climate Change on Women, Joanna Kerr
    • Health Research? Implications of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • CCEPA Annual Lecture:
    • Re-Engaging Canadians in Democracy, Preston Manning
  • Ethics in Business: 3 Part Series
    • Powering the Green Economy: Solutions for Sustainable Prosperity, Toby Heaps
    • Beyond Scandal: The Real Ethics Crisis in Business, R. Edward Freeman
    • The Business of Giving: Investing in Your Community & Your Values, Dr. Michael Hall
  • Sustainability Conversations Speaker Series
    • The History of Sustainable Development: What's Old is New Again, Blair Feltmate

2007-2008 Lecture Series

  • View the 2007-2008 CCEPA Annual Report
  • Ethics in Business: 4 Part Series
    • The Business Role in Economic Well-Being, Mark Anielski
    • From Risk to Resilience: A New Vision for Canadian Business, Peter Robinson
    • The Ethical Culture: Taking Compliance to the Next Level, John Dalla Costa
    • Sustainable Development: An Investment or a Cost?, Dr. Blair Feltmate
  • Trust in Freedom: 4 Part Series
    • Trust in Freedom of Speech, A. Alan Borovoy
    • Trust in Academic Freedom, James Turk
    • Trust in Freedom of Artistic Expression, Robert Sirman
    • Trust in Freedom to Express Belief, Dr. David Deane

2006-2007 Lecture Series

  • View the 2006-2007 CCEPA Annual Report
  • Trust in Science: 5 Part Series
    • Setting The Scene: From Magician to Miracle-Maker, Dr. Steven Shapin
    • The View From Within: Does Science Trust Itself?, Dr. David T. Scadden
    • Inside Out: From the Test Tube to the Dinner Table, Dr. Janice Graham
    • Whose Business is it Anyway? Science and the Corporate World, Dr. Ford Doolittle
    • Science and the Public Trust, Dr. Sheila Jasanof
  • Trust in Justice: 4 Part Series
    • Trust in Criminal Justice, Ian Atkins et al
    • Trust in family Justice, Mr. Justice George Czuterin
    • Trust in Civil Justice, Colin MacDonald et al
    • Madam Justice Rosalie Abella

2005-2006 Lecture Series

2004-2005 Archives

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