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The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs (CCEPA) provides an arena for critical thinking, public discussion and research into current ethical challenges in our society. Our platform is a collaborative one. We focus on building connections across disciplines and communities. And we partner with the major shapers of public life - government, business, NGOs and public service agencies.

The Centre joins the expertise of academics with the experience of community leaders and policy-makers to assist its partners as they seek to integrate ethics into their public practices and policies.

CCEPA advances ethical practices in public affairs through five program areas:


Identifying and analyzing the issues


Preparing people to identify, assess and address ethical issues

Community Resource

Facilitating access to resources


Helping organizations better integrate ethics into their public practices and policies

Public Awareness

Informing the debate and facilitating informed choices




  • We provide a forum for communities to identify and discuss their ethical concerns and mediate through a process of critical listening
  • We clarify the underlying sources of ethical problems and disagreements
  • We encourage the inclusion of all affected parties in discussion and decision-making

  • We assist in the development of sound value statements
  • We help organizations recognize, confront, and respond to ethical questions
  • We provide leading ethics-based research and programs

CCEPA is a joint initiative of The Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary's University .

Link to Atlantic School of Theology Link to Saint Mary's University

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