The Right Thing

Using Values to Enhance Decision-Making

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs can help you develop a process to deal with the ethical dimensions of
complex challenges.

Knowing what drives your decisions makes for better decisions.

Is your organization facing uncertainty in areas where difficult decisions will be subject to rigorous scrutiny? Is the Values Statement binder on the shelf not helping? CCEPA offers decision makers in government, business and not-for-profit sectors a framework for exploration of the ethical dimensions of decisions.

Decisions are commonly measured against economic, political and social factors, but the ethical considerations and underlying values that inform them often go unexamined. Discussions of values and ethics can be challenging. Values are personal and connected to deeply held beliefs that can be difficult to articulate. Do we hold values that differ from the organization, our co-workers, or the people affected by our decisions? Making decisions without considering the organizational or stakeholder values can have disastrous results. If values have not been addressed, organizations can be left vulnerable to discord from within or possible attack from the outside.

When you can articulate your organizational moral identity, you enhance confidence in your decision-making and bring your values to life.

Facilitators will guide participants through a process of examining the values underpinning decisions through focused conversation. Experienced facilitators will provide a safe and structured environment to examine situations through an ethical lens allowing new insights to emerge.

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