CCEPA presents The Seven Deadly Sins, a seven-part series exploring the personal and collective consequences of our thoughts and actions as we continue to grapple with age old temptations. More in this Series

Part Six: Sloth

Too Tired to Care

7pm, May 30, 2018

O’Regan Hall
Halifax Central Library


Dr. John Plotz

Professor of English and Comparative Humanities, Brandeis University


Are you detached from life, depressed by isolation, distracted or restless? Do we live in an epidemic of Sloth or Acedia? Is the remedy to our perceived laziness and despair more discipline, restraint and will, or perhaps a little detachment might help? In the sixth installment of the Seven Deadly Sins series, Dr. John Plotz, Professor of English, Brandeis University, links our contemporary struggles to stay on the right path with the works of thinkers, writers, and artists of the past.


John Plotz. “Their Noonday Demons, and Ours.” New York Times Sunday Book Review. Dec 23, 2011.

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