Ethics in the Evening

Ethics in the Evening takes place in the early evening at the Centre with refreshments by the fireplace. The sessions are casual and informative, educational but not a classroom, designed to mesh experiences of many different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds

Media Coverage of Terrorism

November 22, 2017

President’s Lodge, Atlantic School of Theology

Discussion Leader

Dr. Kevin Quigley – Director, MacEachen Institute Public Policy and Governance, Dalhousie University.


Media coverage of terrorist attacks – like other disasters and crises – follows patterns. In this presentation, Dr. Kevin Quigley will lead a discussion about those patterns, examining the volume and tone of coverage, who gets blamed, and who gets praised for their actions. Does media coverage of terrorism differ from other emergency events, such as natural disasters, industrial failures, pandemics, and cyber events? If so, how, and what conclusions does this media coverage lead us to?