Ethics in the Evening

Ethics in the Evening takes place in the early evening at the Centre with refreshments by the fireplace. The sessions are casual and informative, educational but not a classroom, designed to mesh experiences of many different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds

What Does Ethical Banking and Financing Look Like?

In partnership with Co-operative Management Education, Sobey School of Business

6:30PM, April 10, 2018

President’s Lodge

Atlantic School of Theology Campus

Discussion Leaders

Goran Jeras – Co-operative for Ethical Financing, Croatia

Dr. Sonja Novkovic – Economist and Academic Director, Co-operative Management Education

Space is limited

Registration Required or 902-428-1416

$5.00 Donation appreciated



In recent years, the banking and investment industry has come under scrutiny. From Wells Fargo to Deutsche Bank, scandals have peppered the headlines and political debates. According to Goran Jeras, the dominant forms of banking “powered by purely financial returns and profits” are ignoring broader ethical concerns and responsibilities. Do you know where your money goes after you’ve deposited it? Is your money being used in ways you would consider harmful? Is your money benefiting your community? What ethical banking and financing choices do you have? Join us fireside at CCEPA to discuss ethical financing and banking.

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