Ethical Public Discourse

Ethical Public Discourse

Ethical Public Discourse

How do we negotiate acceptance of our differences when our perceptions of reality aren’t the same?
Dr. David Deane, Professor of Theology, Atlantic School of Theology

Just as some see the dress as blue and black, where others see it as white and gold, our interpretations of what is real can be quite different. An example of where current liberal democracies have failed to consider different perceptions of reality is in the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. If some agree and understand the offending cartoon as an unforgivable attack – and if some understand and believe in the right of freedom of expression – how is that conflict mediated?

Join Dr. David Deane for a conversation about what he sees as a crisis in liberal democracies. Would a more generous understanding of how each of us understands reality lead to political and legal systems that allow us to reason together more effectively?

Monday, April 20, 2015, 7:00-8:30pm
CCEPA Boardroom, 630 Francklyn Street


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April 20, 2015