A Living Wage

A Living Wage

A Living Wage

Ethical Implications of Paying People More.

Is a Living Wage a meaningful intervention for society? What’s better for me, society and the economy: an increased minimum wage, or a Living Wage? Does the Living Wage address poverty for those who don’t have jobs? What’s in it for the employer? Where would the money come from? Does government have a role?

June 4, 2015, 7:00 pm
Peggy Corkum Music Room
6181 Lady Hammond Road

Christine Saulnier, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Jordi Morgan, Vice President, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Lars Osberg, Economics Professor, Dalhousie University

Sobaz Benjamin, Founder and Executive Director, In My Own Voice

Moderator: Graham Steele


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June 4, 2015