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Karl Turner
CCEPA Public Scholar

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs is pleased to have Karl Turner as CCEPA Public Scholar.

Karl Turner is a doctoral student in the Educational Studies Program at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. During his tenure as Scholar-in-Residence, Karl plans to continue researching his doctoral thesis which seeks to establish a link between the way governments are required to borrow money via the bond market and changes that have taken place within our educational system over the last 30 years. His concern is that we may be reshaping the system, not to better serve citizens, but to borrow money at lower rates of interest. During his time at CCEPA Karl will also be working on his third documentary for Ideas on CBC Radio One. Humboldt's Ghost: Education and Promise of Prosperity will look at how our educational system was established in reaction to the successful launch of Sputnik I by the Russians. It will explore how the notion of a prosperous life came to be imbedded within it.

Karl has held a variety of administrative positions within Atlantic Canada's higher education sector, and currently holds the position of Registrar at the Institute of Technology Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. His master's thesis, Silos & Stovepipes, looked at the rationalization negotiations that took place between the Nova Scotia government and the universities during the 1990s, an event that nearly led to the amalgamation of metropolitan Halifax universities.

Karl remains committed to promotion and preservation of Acadian education. He was recently appointed to the Comité d'école consultative at Bois Joli, the elementary school attended by his two daughters.

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