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CCEPA Board and Staff

Neale Bennet*, profile »

Paula Campbell, profile »

Cathy Lee Cunningham, profile »

David Deane, profile »

April Hart, profile »

Rylan Higgins*, profile »

Hector Jacques, profile »

Judith Kazimirski, profile »

Kothai Kumanan, profile »

William Lahey*, profile »

Hal Lewis, profile »

Sandra McKenzie*, profile »

Michael Scott*, profile »

Chris Stover*, Executive Director, profile »

Robert Summerby-Murray, profile »

Michael Tutton, profile »

* Executive Committee

Jesse Hiltz, Program Coordinator, profile »

Cathy Driscoll, Scholar in Residence, profile »

Karl Turner, CCEPA Public Scholar, profile »

Frank Schwartz, Advisor-in-Residence, profile »


CCEPA is a joint initiative of The Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary's University .

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